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so its easy to dance,because leather is smooth

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Q: Why do you have to wear shoes when dancing?
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What do you wear for Irish dancing?

You have to wear Irish dancing shoes and there are the light shoes which are kind of like slippers!! And then there are heavy shoes which are kind of like high heels ( but not high tough). And when you are dancing at a show or something you have to wear a dress and there are different dresses as you get better!

What type shoes we have to wear while dancing?

Irish Dance shoes, Tap shoes

What do men wear when Irish dancing?

They wear a shirt, tie, waistcoat, trousers, black socks and special dancing shoes.

Why do Irish dancer's wear Irish dancing shoes?

Without the right types of shoes you cannot do Irish dancing. It is much the same as tap dancers need special kinds of shoes. There are two main types of shoes for Irish dancing: hard shoes and soft shoes. These are needed for the different styles of dancing.

What shoes are connected with Irish step dancing?

In the lighter dances we wear ghillies, or soft shoes, and in the dances where we make a lot of noise with our feet we wear hard shoes.

What do Scottish dancers wear?

You normally wear a kilt, blouse, socks, braces, garters, waistcoats and dancing shoes

What are jazz shoes?

Shoes that you wear when you are dancing to jazz. Look it up on Google Images... it is an amazing thing. Jazz shoes are black or tan leather shoes you wear when you jazz dance they even have a slight heel !

What females dancers wear while dancing ballet?

If it's just practice, they were a leotard and tights. In performances, they ususally wear a leotard, a tutu, and tights. It depends if they wear pointe shoes or flat shoes.

Why did Donald and daisy duck wear dancing shoes to a baseball game?

so they could clomp

When was Dancing Shoes created?

Dancing Shoes was created on 2007-09-26.

What is the song where in the video clip a black guy is dancing in front of a diner because he was rejected by his girlfriend and while dancing he wear the shoes that his girlfriend gave?

"Days go by" by dirty vegas.

What Nike shoes would be suitable to wear to a dance?

There are many Nike shoes that are suitable for dancing. Some of the most popular Nike shoes for dance include the Nike Shox, the Nike QVida and the Nike MC.