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positive as the cash flow

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Q: Is The increase of AP on the statement of cash flow positive or negative?
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The increase of AP on the statement of cash flow shows?

The increase of A/P on the statement of cash flow show?

Does increase in accruals increase or decrease cash flow?

An increase(+) in accruals increases(+) the cash provided by operating activities under the cash flow statement.

Does increase of inventory increase or decrease cash flow?

When adjusting your cash flow statement, you increase (add) a decrease of inventory and decrease (subtract) an increase of inventory

Is it possible to have a negative net cash flow but positive cash on the balance sheet?

Yes. In this case you should see that the cash balance decreased during the period.

What is the difference between fund flow statement and cash flow statement?

nothing both r similarAlternate answer:The fund flow statement shows the sources and uses of working capital. Working capital equals current assets minus current liabilities (usually excluding the short term portion of interest bearing debt). The cash flow statement explains the change in cash (and cash equivalents), by showing the change in cash as a result of operating, investing and financing activities. The sum of these equal the change in cash over the period.An important difference is that working capital is broader than 'just' cash (and cash equivalents). For example, working capital can increase even though cash is decreasing (for example when the increase in inventory and accounts receivables is larger than the cash decline).Nowadays companies provide a cash flow statement.

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