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what is the importance of public sector accounting

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What is the body of law that governs the availability and use of federal funds

Who has the final word on how much money can be spent by a given agency or program under the separation of powers doctrine

How do you spell commitments

Which stage of disbursement accounting is also known as the accounts payable stage

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Q: What are the importance of public sector accounting?
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Importance of IPSAS in public sector accounting?


Differences between public sector accounting and private sector accounting?

The difference between public sector and private sector is that when you're in the public sector you work for the government whereas private sector is not. Same applies to accounting.

What is the important of public sector accounting?

Explain why it's important to study public sector accounting.

What is the importance of accounting in public sector?

Accounting is undoubtedly important in a public sector:Helps in rendering superiority for procuring resourcesSupplies products and services through adherence of the budgetManages public money with accuracy

What is the purpose of public sector accounting?

The purpose of a public sector is to give service to the customers

Definition of public sector accounting?


What is the difference between public sector accounting as opposed private sector accounting?

1. The private sector accounting prepared accrual basis but public sector Accounting prepared cash basis. 2. The public sector account fixed assets treated expense but Private sector account fixed assets treated capital. 3. The public sector account analysis report Public but private sector account analysis report not public. 4. The public sector account fixed assets not calculated depreciation but private sector account fixed assets depreciation calculated.

What is the international public sector accounting standards board IPSASB?


Advantages and disadvantages of commitment basis of accounting in public sector?


What is expenditure warrant in public sector accounting?

money set aside for expenses

What are the uses of vote book in public sector accounting in Ghana?

kamran ali

What do you mean by joint sector explain the importance of joint sector?

Simply stated, the joint sector is a form of partnership between the public sector an the private sector

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