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Q: What is the purpose of data access tools?
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When you Start Access the Ribbon displays 5 tabs What are they?

File, Home, Create, External Data and Database Tools

What is data controller?

Data controls are tools in programming that are used to access data in different formats from a database. To manage access to data stored a database, programmers use data control languages (DCL's).

What is the purpose for recording your data in a table?

to work efficient, easy to access

What is data thief?

A data of an organization is confidential and may contain some important information. For the security reasons the access to database is given only to authorized users. When an unauthorized user try to access that data , he is known as data thief.Data thief is an unauthorized user who have illegal access to the data in the data base . Data thief is just like hacker who access the data for illegal purpose.

What is the purpose of exchange archiving?

The purpose of exchange archiving is to back up and consolidate your electronic data. You can also use this to access your data from multiple devices.

What is the purpose of an input form in Access?

to input data into one record at a time

How can computers help managers?

Computers help managers by providing time management and data management tools such as calendars, schedulers, email, spreadsheets, word processors, data bases, enterprise resource planning systems, presentation tools, project management tools and internet access to a world of data.

What are the disadvantages of cloud-computing?

The advantages of cloud computing is the ease of access for most stored data. One disadvantage would be that someone with the right tools or knowledge may be able to access that data without being at any specific place where the data is stored.

What is the purpose of data recovery tools?

A type of software called data recovery software makes it possible to retrieve deleted, corrupted, or inaccessible data from a storage device. Review, scan, identify, extract, and copy data from deleted, corrupted, and formatted sectors as well as from a user-specified location on the storage device with this software.

What is the purpose of data marts?

A Data Mart is a type of tool used in computing data. Data Warehouses, or data storage servers, use the Data Mart to ensure data is delivered to customers. It is also known as the "access layer" of the warehouse program.

What does storage do?

The purpose of storage in web hosting is to store electronic data. With the modern cloud storage, you can access your data from any location as long as you are connected to the Internet.

What is a database that has no data and has no database tools in which you create the data and the tools as you need them is reffered to as a?

A "schema-on-read" database is one that allows users to define the structure of the data as they access it, rather than enforcing a predefined schema. This approach allows for flexibility in data organization and analysis, making it a popular choice for big data and analytics applications.