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You have to have time in rank of 28-36 months before you can sew on senior airman.

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Q: How many months do you have to have Airman first Class on before you can put Senior airman on?
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When does an Airman with a 6 year enlistment get promoted to Senior Airman?

The Air Force promotes an Airman First Class (A1C) to Senior Airman upon a commander's recommendation after 36 months time in service and 20 months time in the grade of A1C, or 28 months time in A1C, whichever comes first.

How many months do you have to have Airman on before you can put on Airman first class?

To be eligible for promotion to Airman First Class (A1C), an Airman must serve at least 10 months in the Air Force and possess at least 20 months Time-in-Service (TIS). The promotion is based on the individual's performance and completion of required training, alongside meeting the time criteria.

When can a SrA test for Staff Sergeant?

6 months after being an senior airman This isn't 100% true I sewed on Dec 20 2006 and tested 5 may 2007. I think the requirement is that you have to have SrA on for 6 Months to be able to sew on SSGT. but not to test.

If you sewed on airman first class in august 2009 when will you put senior airman on?

March 2011. A1C sew on date + 28 months. If you elected to do 6 years and received two stripes then your actual date of rank is the date that you graduated basic training. NOT the day you finished tech school. So if that is the case, start counting 28 months from the date you graduated basic training. If you are a 4 year enlistee then you must simply wait 28 months. In both cases the 28 months can be shortened to 22 months if you achieve Senior Airman Below-The-Zone (6 months early). That is the quickest way to make it to SrA. A tip from someone who made it: If you'd like to make it, show up to work on time every day, volunteer for everything, do University classes and stay out of trouble. Specifically mention to your supervisor you'd like to make it. Or sew on SrA about 11 months after graduating basic training, like me. :)

What do you need to do exactly to get promoted to airman in cap civil air patrol?

Talk to the officer in charge of documents and the like and ask for an 'airman promotion contract', on this contract is a list of stuff you have to do. First you must obtain a complete uniform which for most squadrons is a problem due to garbagy supply lines. Second you must memorize the cadet oath. third you must participate actively in the squadron so if your flight is doing traffic control at an airshow or rodeo or training on a base then you should be out there doing it. Fourth you have to take a test called 'leadership chapter one' (again talk to the document guy) and pass at I believe 100 percent. fifth you have to pass a Physical Training test which can vary by age and gender. sixth you must participate in a "moral leadership forum" which is a fancy term for listening to a chaplain talk about the meaning of life ( and if religion bothers you don't worry the fellow at mine rarely ever talks about god or religion). lastly get an NCO or an officer to confirm that you have accomplished these tasks by signing the document then take it to your squadron commander who should be the head honcho (adult) senior member. once all this has been done and once national headquarters processes it you will receive an e-mail saying you have promoted from airman basic to airman. mine took about five months because we had a lot of trouble getting my uniform. you can also get a promotion contract off of your squadron website basically if you live in newyork city or something type in "new york civil air patrol" or if you live in spokane type in spokane civil air patrol

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