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It is about 4.5 miles (7.24 kilometers). Brooklyn and Queens both occupy the western end of Long Island, and Queens is on top of Brooklyn. LaGuardia Airport is at the northern edge of Queens. The northern edge of Brooklyn is roughly 4.5 miles/7.24 kilometers south of LaGuardia.

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LaGuardia is much closer. LaGuardia is in Queens, and Brooklyn and Queens are right next to each other. Newark Airport is in New Jersey, so you have to cross the Hudson River into Manhattan, go through Manhattan, and then on to Brooklyn.

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Q: What airport LaGuardia or Newark is closer to Brooklyn NY?
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Is LaGuardia closer to John F. Kennedy or is Newark airport better?

LaGuardia is closer. Both JFK and LaGuardia are in Queens. Newark is in New Jersey.

Which airport is closer to Niagara Falls LaGuardia Newark or JFK?

I think LaGuardia by a little.

What is the closet airport to Brooklyn New York?

Depends what part of Brooklyn. JFK is closer to the southern end laguardia is closer to like Williamsburg and that general area

Is it better to get to Columbia university from laguardia airport or jfk airport?

LaGuardia is much closer and, there is a bus that runs directly from the airport past Columbia ... it only costs a couple of bucks.

Is La Guardia airport or JFK closer to Times Square?


Which New York airport is the one to use if staying in the Theater District?

It really doesn't matter. All three of the major airports serving New York City (JFK, LaGuardia, Newark) are roughly the same distance from Manhattan. LaGuardia is the closest to Manhattan (it's roughly four miles closer than JFK, and roughly ten miles closer than Newark), but it seems awfully strange for a person to specifically choose to fly into LaGuardia just so the taxi ride to and from their hotel will be 10 or 15 minutes shorter.

Which is closer to downtown Manhattan John F. Kennedy airport or LaGuardia?

This is a bit of a tricky question. JFK is much further south than LaGuardia, making it much closer to downtown Manhattan, north/south-wise. But JFK is also much further east than LaGuardia, making LaGuardia technically closer as the crow flies (meaning, if you were to draw an imaginary, direct line between the two). Basically, if you were to draw a straight line west (northwest, actually) from LaGuardia to Manhattan, the line would hit upper Manhattan (at around 116th Street or so). If you were to draw a straight line (north)west from JFK to Manhattan, the line would hit lower (downtown) Manhattan, a little bit south of 14th Street. But since JFK is much further east, the drive in miles from LaGuardia to downtown Manhattan is still a bit shorter than the drive in miles from JFK to downtown Manhattan.

What airport John F. Kennedy or LaGuardia is closer to Brooklyn Cruise Terminal?

Depending on traffic, JFK is about 45 minutes away and LaGuardia is about 25 minutes away. Negotiate the rate with the cab driver before you depart. I believe it's a flat $45 off the meter. Have a great cruise!

Is LaGuardia closer to Newark NJ or is JFK better?

They are about the same distance away in road miles. One might be a few miles closer than the other, but I don't see why that would matter to anyone. It doesn't make sense to choose one airport over the other because the cab ride will be 10 minutes shorter.

Is the Newark Airport located near Atlantic City?

Newark Airport is located approximately 4 hours from Atlantic City by bus. Some closer airports to Atlantic City include Atlantic City Airport (42 minutes by bus) and Philadelphia Airport (2 hours by bus).

Which airport is closer to Cambridge Gatwick airport or Heathrow airport?

Heathrow is slightly closer but there are good transport links to/from both of them.

Brooklyn Hotels: Affordable Lodging In NYC?

Lodging in Manhattan is the most expensive option in New York City. Visitors can save money on hotels by staying in the nearby borough of Brooklyn. The waterfront Brooklyn hotels along the East River offer great panoramic views of Manhattan. Additionally, there is convenient access to the subway system. In fact, Brooklyn is closer to JFK Airport, the largest airport in the NYC area, than Manhattan is.