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You might get receive an order to "Hold short of runway" before takeoff, but not during takeoff. That just means that the tower wants you to remain on the taxiway because another aircraft is taking off or landing and hasn't yet cleared the runway. Once you're "cleared for takeoff" you can taxi onto the runway and takeoff

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Q: What does hold short of runway on take off mean?
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Does F-16 Fighting Falcon need a runway?

Yes, the F-16 is not a STOVL (short take-off vertical landing) aircraft. Not sure about the length of the runway, but it probably varies with the take-off weight of the aircraft. But the F-16 definitely needs a runway.

What is hold short line on the airport diagram?

This is the line where a pilot will be told to stop before access to teh runway. This allows ATC to know there is one "waiting to go" and there in allows them to make sure incoming planes are given priority to land. No pilot may move passed a hold short until told by ATC to do so

What is the difference between a harrier jet and a normal jet?

A harrier is a jump jet- it can take off straight up and land straight down or make a really short take off or landing on a runway. It cant hold a lot of fuel so it can fly for too long.

Why do planes take off with a runway?

Nit all need a runway as we know it. Some can take off on grass of compacted earth. when referring to hard runways its because of the weight of the aircraft using it, the requirement to have a flat, tripping surface to get to speed in a short time

Why does 'take off' mean to begin to fly?

Take off is when the wheels of the aeroplane leaves the runway (ie the aeroplane takes off from the ground).

Where do aircaft take off?

a runway

How long is the take off runway at ohare airport?

O'Hare's longest runway is 13,000 feet.

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