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u need a new OPTISPARK

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Q: When my 1996 camaro z28 is cold it runs good but as soon as it warms up it misses?
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What is wrong with 1987 305 TBI that misses and hesitates bad when cold but runs super when it warms up?

Choke is out of adjustment

Why would a 1996 camaro rs heater only blow cold air?

check thermostat, might be stuck closed.

Why does the engine knock with a cold start but stops when it warms up?

Often a knock when cold is caused by piston slap, which is pistons rocking in the cylinders until they expand in size when the engine warms up.

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How does fur help a polar bear survive?

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Is there a cold air intake for a 92 camaro rs 3.1 liter?

The 1992 Camaro features a factory setting with a ram air built into it. This is the cold air intake.

When you add hot water to cold eater the cold water warms up because of?

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Does the heater flows cold air first?

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I have a 99 Camaro V6. The engine is making a ticking noise when it starts cold then when it warms up it is fine any suggestions?

it may be an exhaust manifold gasket. when they are bad, they make a tapping soud til it heats up and semi-seals itself. it's one thing to have checked.

Transmission works great when cold but when warms up it spins like is in neutral?

transmissions works fine when cold but when it warms up it spins or acts like it is in neutral I have to turn off engine and let it cool off Help.