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there is no difference between separation and division of plants

you know it


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Q: 13 What is the difference between separation and division of plants?
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What is the difference between centrosome and ribosome?

Centrosome is an organelle found in animal cells that helps in cell division, while ribosome is a cellular structure involved in protein synthesis. Centrosomes are involved in organizing the microtubules needed to separate chromosomes during cell division, while ribosomes read mRNA and link amino acids together to form proteins.

What is the difference between plants and flowering plants?

the main difference is its infloresence catkin or akin

What is the difference between vascular plants and non vascular plants?

It means they do have viens:)<3

What is the difference between biological and non biological plants?

All plants are biological.

What is the difference the classification level of animals and plants?

The classification level for animals is generally more complex and detailed than that for plants. Animals are classified into 7 main levels: kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. In contrast, plants are typically classified into 4 main levels: kingdom, division (or phylum), class, and order.

What is the difference between Dubai and the rainforest?

the difference is the plants the living creatures and the rain

The main difference between plants and animals has to do with?


Difference between the movement of plants and animals?


What is the difference between herbs and vitamins?

herbs are plants. vitamins are nutritional compounds of plants.

What is the difference between plants cell and animal cell in cell division?

There are not many differences between animal and plant cell division, only that when it comes time for the cell to divide during cytokinesis, the plant cell grows a cell plate in between the two nuclei, and the animal cell forms a cleavage furrow (like the cell is being pinched) and divides.

What are the charaterisc of a plant?

Terrestrial plants share a few defining characteristics, structural as well as functional. Perhaps the most basic shared feature of most plants is their division into shoots and roots. The separation between these two portions of the plant came about during the evolutionary move from an aqueous environment to a terrestrial one, and each part is essential in its own way to the plants' ability to survive on land.

When is cytokenisis complete?

In both plants and animals, cytokinesis occurs in the last stage of cell division. It brings about the separation of a cell into two daughter cells.