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Q: A community that is politically organized and has a territory population sovereignty and government?
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What are the two connotations of sovereignty?

The two connotations of sovereignty are internal sovereignty, which refers to a government's authority within its own borders, and external sovereignty, which pertains to a government's independence and recognition by other states in the international community.

What is a human geography definition of a state?

In human geography, a state is a politically organized territory with a permanent population, defined territory, government, and capacity to enter into relations with other states. States vary in terms of size, power, and form of government.

Write for differences between state and government?

A government has the power to make and enforce laws. A state is a political community that enjoys internal and external sovereignty.

What term refers to a community that is politically organized.?


What do you mean by community government?

community government is a community government

What is the ability to rule or govern a nation without outside influences?

This is one (legal) definition of "sovereignty" - the completely autonomous government of a region, community, or people. Sovereignty is often used to mean "supreme authority" in that sense, rather than meaning absolute power.

What term refers to a community that's politically organized?


Why does the entire nation benefit from a politically active populace?

The more people who contribute to the political environment of a country, the better a government will reflect the views of the people. A politically engaged community means a more informed populace and a more ideologically representative governing body.

5 elements of the state and their explanation?

1. People 2. Territory 3. Government 4. Sovereignty 5. Diplomatic Recognition

What does community control mean?

house arrest with a politically motivated and correct name

What is the population of Abia Community?

Abia Community's population is 17,449.

What is the population of Community Creations?

Community Creations's population is 7.