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Lol is this from your guided reading book? Awnsers is slaves

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slaves and immigrants... the other guy doesn't know how to spell immigrants!!

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Q: A group who's interests have been ignored by the compromises that created the constitution?
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What can be done to the Constitution of the US?

It can be amended, revered, or ignored.

What groups of people did the drafters of the constitution ignore?

The Constitution ignored native Americans; women and partially slaves because of the 3/5 provisions.

Which of the following ensures the Constitution and its rules are not being ignored by the president, Congress, or the states?

judicial review

Who created a unconventional style that ignored perspective?


What groups were ignored by Constitution?

If you mean the US constitution, the old American native people who were then systematically slaughtered by the colonizers forming the new country. Oh yes and then of cause there were the slaves of the southern states, they were ignored well past the time slavery had been abolished in the rest of the world.

How slavery was handled during the drafting of the us constitution?

During the drafting of the US Constitution, slaves were ignored basically. They were "possessions". The Constitution dealt with citizens rights and responsibilities to their government (and vice versa), but "possessions" do not have rights.

How ensures the Constitution and its rules are not being ignored by the president Congress or the states?

It gives congress the ability to remove the president for wrongdoing.

What is significance of employee welfare?

Workers have the right to be treated fairly, and in the United States, with the parameters of the constitution. It is very important that this issue not be ignored.

What does he constitution do?

The constitution describes how the government will be organized and provides specific lists of things the government may and may not do. The beauty of the Constitution of the United States has been its brevity. Constitutions of other countries have been too long and have become confusing and have been ignored.

What is a shoe lace tip called?

The tip of a shoelace is called an aglet. An aglet is one of the best inventions ever created but is also one of the most ignored. Its not very fair that it's ignored. Someone should praise the person who created the AGLET!

Did president Jackson follow the Constitution?

Yes he did, but he did ignored the Supreme Court ruling on Native American rights. He had an unwritten policy that the " only good Indian was a dead one."

What was the original goal of constitutional convention?

The original goal of the constitutional convention was simply to revise the Articles of Confederation. Nothing more. However, the delegates ignored these instructions and immediately began working on the draft of a United States constitution.