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Q: A more polite term used to replace an objectionable one is called?
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What do you call a more polite term used to replace an objectionable one?

One word is Euphemism

What is comparative form of the word polite?

The comparative form of polite is more polite. The superlative form is most polite.

What are the comparative and superlative forms of the word 'polite'?

The comparative form of 'polite' is 'more polite' and the superlative form is 'most polite'.

If you gave a guy something and he says thank you is he just being polite?

he is definitely polite but whether he is more than polite, only he knows.

Plural of polite?

The word polite is an adjective. Adjectives don't have singular or plural, they have degrees, for example:polite, more polite, most polite.The noun form for the adjective polite is politeness; the plural form is politenesses.

Is it more polite to sneeze into your inner elbow or to slightly lower your head to face the ground?

It is more polite to sneeze by facing your head down the ground.

More polite or politer?

Polite is correct, politer is not a word. (Wayne is much more polite than Stacy.) - Wrong. Politer is a word. Both forms are possible. Look at the Oxford English dictionary for reference, unfortunately I am not allowed to link to it.

Which one is more polite yep or yes?


Why are elephants more polite than boys?

elephants are more polite than boys because an elephant has to attract to fed humans and boys have to look for attracting girls ;)!!! Becky.

Is the anime series Vampire Knight inappropriate for early teens?

Objectionable content: Significant (bloody violence and/or swearing and/or nudity)It all depends on what one sees as objectionable It seems to cover everything from gentle pretty pictures to hard core pornography.

What is euphemish for zero?

A euphemism is a more polite term used for something that is considered to be harsh or impolite. However, zero is neither harsh nor impolite, and none of the equivalent alternatives are more polite.

How do you greet other people in Japanese?

"Konnichiwa" to say hello. For a more polite, or formal greeting, you would say: "Konnichiwa gozaimasu". (Polite hello)