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The United States.

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Q: A place that is composed of people from many parts of the world?
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What nations is the United Nations composed of?

The United Nations is composed of 193 member nations or sovereign states. These member nations come from all parts of the world and represent a global community.

Place where people begin to settle?

technically, its everywhere. long ago people began to settle in many parts of the world. America was not the first country where people began to settle.

What happened to the native people on this island?

a little person came along and said get off my land lol ( not really ) i think they had a fight and then spread different parts of the world and that place was the native and there are parts

What were Franklin D Roosevelts policies?

the policies he wanted was to stop people from losing their homes and and to stop depression in different parts of the world and to help people from not believing in them selves and to help people follow their dreams and make this world a better place for people to live in.

Why have people migrated to Europe from various parts of the world?

why was Europe a popular place for human settlement give me the answer

Is people poor in chili?

There are poor people in all parts of the world.

What parts of the world can you find the savanna?

Savanna is in the south part of the world. There is a place called Savanna Georgia.

Why is the world a good place?

The world is a extremely good. Just because you cannot see its good parts and only its bad parts does not mean that your bias is correct.

In what parts of the world did most people live before modern times?

Most people lived in Europe and Asia.

Where is the main place World War 2 was taking place?

World War II is often divided into two parts or fronts the European front and the Pacific front.

Why do you find white people in some parts of Africa?

I would say for the same reason you find black people in parts of the world that is not Africa.

Where was world wars held?

It took place in Europe!!!!world war one was all throughout Europe and parts of Asia.