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It is called Containment.

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Q: A system of governament in which there is no private property and the government owns everything?
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Can a city government determine private property usages?

law a city government dictating usages of a private property

Private property cannot be taken away by the government without?

Private property cannot be taken by the government without what ?

What is the opposite of private property?

The opposite of private property is public property, which is owned collectively or by the government for the use and benefit of the general public.

What is considered to be private property?

Private property is not owned or controlled by the government. The owner has the exclusive right to its use and possession, can sell or mortgage it, and her heirs will inherit it if she dies.

What state is created by the government when it destroys private property?

No state is created.

How does the U'S government protect private property?

ummm you should know this

What federal laws are do they have about larceny?

larceny grand larceny larcely of private property larceny of government property

What must the government provide to a property owner if it needs to take his property for government use?

If the government needs private property for its own use, they should give fair market value to the owner of the property. The property owner can also give the government an easement agreement to the property and still retain ownership.

When can the government take private property and what what must the government give the owners?

"just compensation" (5th Amendment)

What is porperty owned by individuals or companies not by the government or the people called?

Private Property

What did Rousseau believe about private property?

Rousseau believed that private property was a source of inequality and conflict among people. He argued that the concept of private property led to the exploitation of the poor by the wealthy, creating divisions in society. Rousseau believed in a more communal approach to property ownership to promote equality and social harmony.

When can the government take private property and what must they give the owners?

just compensation5th amendment