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Q: Agriculture appears to have first began in?
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How did agriculture began?

Agriculture began when the 'Hunter Gatherers' decided to settle in fixed places.

How long has forestry been in West Virginia?

Since the first settlers began clearing the land for agriculture.

What came first hunter and gatherers or agriculture?

Hunter-gatherers came first. They existed for thousands of years before the development of agriculture. Agriculture began around 10,000 years ago in different parts of the world, marking a major shift in human society.

Is this continent is where historians believe farming and agriculture began?


Who was the first agriculture minister in Pakistan?

who was the first agriculture minister of Pakistan

What was the effect of agriculture on the way of life on early people?

In order to engage in agriculture ancient people began to lead a settled life.

When did human beings begin to practice agriculture?

Human beings began to practice agriculture around 12,000 years ago during the Neolithic Revolution. This marked a shift from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to one based on cultivating crops and domesticating animals. Agriculture allowed for more settled communities and ultimately led to the development of complex civilizations.

What modern institutions first began during the neolithic revolution?

Some modern institutions that first began during the Neolithic Revolution include agriculture, permanent settlements, social stratification, and trade networks. These developments laid the foundation for organized society and more complex forms of governance.

What year did agriculture begin?

No one really knows the exact year agriculture began, but we do know that it started thousands and thousands of years ago.

When did the agricultural revolution begin?

The Agriculture Revolution began around 6-7,000BC.

In what ways did agriculture change live of people in the Americas?

around 9,000 years ago, some paleo-indians began to use agriculture to feed themselves. Agriculture is farming, or growing plants.

What were some of the characteristics of the first Neolithic cities?

Generally considered neolithic has three basic characteristics: began to manufacture and use of grinding stone; Invented the pottery; The agriculture and livestock farming.