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Q: All voters who cast their ballots in the same voting place are in a what?
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What is the place where the voters cast their ballots?

People cast ballots at the polls or polling place, via the Board of Elections.

The place where voters go to cast ballots?

Polling place

The place where voters go to cast their ballots?

Polling place

Can a candidate cast other voters ballots?


What might be the results for the nation if all eligible voters were required to cast ballots?

If all eligible voters in a nation were required to cast ballots, there might be a better representation of the people in that nation for elected officials. A drawback to this form of voting would be that it would take longer to vote as lines for voting would be long. The actual counting of the ballots would also be more time consuming.

What is a ballot and what different forms do ballots take in the US?

A ballot is a document or electronic system that allows individuals to vote in an election by indicating their choice of candidate or position. In the US, there are several forms of ballots, including paper ballots where individuals mark their choices by hand, electronic voting machines where selections are made using a touch screen or buttons, and mail-in ballots where voters fill out their choices on a paper ballot and send it by mail. Some states also allow for early voting, where individuals can cast their ballots in person prior to Election Day.

When voters cast ballots for those leaders they will be electing a group of representatives called?


Which name is given to a election in which voters cast ballots to select nominees for upcoming elections?

Direct primary

How many registered voters are in Durango Colorado?

In the most recent election cycle of April, 2015, 10,323 ballots were issued. Total ballots cast (voted) were 3,954.

How are the ballots cast in voting for a pope?

The ballots are hand written by the elector who then folds the ballot and takes it forward to present to those in charge of counting all votes.

What is an electronic data processing method for counting ballots cast at polling places?

DRE voting machines

How did pinochet's rule end?

On October 5, 1988, 55 percent of voters cast ballots to end Pinochet's reign of terror.