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Amendment 18 is known as the prohibition amendment.

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Q: Amendment 18 is was known by this name?
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What was Amendment 18 known as in the constitution?

Amendment 18 was known by this name: prohibition.

Amendment 18 was known by this name?


Amendment 18 is known by what name?

Prohibition. The stop of selling, possesing, and manufacturing of alchohol

What was amendment 18 known as?

Prohibition of alcohol

What amendment was repealed by amendment 21?

Amendment 18 and it was because amendment 18 prohibited alcohol and they had to make amendment 21 to cancel out amendment 18.

Amendment 21 provides what of Amendment 18?

The 21st Amendment repeals the 18th Amendment (Prohibition)

What's the full name of the legislation known as the Era?

Equal Rights Amendment

Which Amendment is Prohibition?

Amendment number 18.

Amendment 18 was know by this name?

Prohibition of Alcohol. It prohibited the sale, manufacturing, and transportation of alcohol.

Which amendment is known as the forgotten amendment?

The 9th Amendment ;)

Which amendment amended prohibition?

Amendment number 18.

What does amendment 21 provide for amendment 18?

it appeals it