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Q: Another word for monarchy or tyrrany?
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What is another word for monarchy?

empires; kingdoms; dominions; domains; realms;

What is another word for British government?

The British legislature is Parliament. Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy.

What is taking power in an illegal way called?


How do you use the word monarchy in a sentince?

Italy used to be a monarchy which is a country ruled by kings and queens

Where did the word monarchy originate?

The word monarch comes from the Greek word monàrches which refereed to a sole and absolute ruler. The word monarchy was then derived from this.

Can you give me a sentence using the word monarchy?

the kings government was monarchy.

What is the absolute rule of a government that ignores the rights and welfare of people?

it is called a tyrrany

What is a sentence with the word 'monarchy'?

The monarchy of Elizabeth I was far different from the monarchy of Elizabeth II.

Another word for nation?

Community, democracy, dominion, empire, monarchy, sovereignty, realm, republic, society, domain or land.

What does the ancient Greek word monarchy mean?

The ancient Greek word "monarchia" (μοναρχία) means "rule by one" or "single rule". It is derived from two Greek words: "monos" (μόνος), meaning "alone" or "single" "arkhos" (αρχός), meaning "ruler" or "authority"

What is the German word for monarchy?


What has the author James W Rinehart written?

James W. Rinehart has written: 'The Tyrrany of Work'