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Q: Any establishment formed to carry on commercial enterprises is a?
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An establishment formed to carry on commercial enterprise?

A business organization

Example of a business organization that is an LLC?

Is an establishment formed to carry on commercial enterprise ex:a business oraganization is a company or firm.Sole proprietorships

What is an established formed to carry on commercial enterprise called?


Can you carry ammunition on a commercial flight?

Not in your carry-on baggage

Do commercial planes carry parachutes?

No, not on any routine commercial flight with passengers.

What is the difference between Establishment and Company?

Establishment is an economic unit that produces or sells goods or services and operates from a single physical location. If a firm has several such locations , each is termed as establishment. Company is a voluntary association formed and organized to carry on a business in the legal name of the association.

Can you carry a gun into a Florida bar?

One restriction of a CWP in Florida, is that it is illegal to carry a gun into a bar. However, it is not illegal to carry a gun into a place that serves alcohol. For example, Chili's has a dining area and a bar. You may carry into the dining area, but it is illegal to carry into the bar.The law states that you cannot carry into "any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to such purpose."

What commercial activity did the Phoenicians engage in?

Carry trade.

What vessels are required to carry a whistle or horn and bell?

In most navigational districts, commercial small craft are required to carry those items.

What is commercial shipping?

Ships that carry cargoes only, not passengers or tourists.

Is it legal for a commercial vehicle to carry freight without a bill of lading?


Do you pay interest on commercial bridge loans?

Commercial bridge loans are short term loans designed to carry a business over short periods of financial trouble, and can carry interest rates up to 14%.