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No, Some are about what the government has to do and tell citizens their duty:)

Also, one amendment banned alcohol, though it was later repealed. Theat was actually taking away a right.

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Q: Are all the amendments about the rights of the people?
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What does the 9th amendment say about rights not listed in the constitution?

protects other rights that might not have been listed in the Constitution.

What do most of the amendments deal with?

The rights of the people.

How are sixth seventh and eighth amendments similar?

they all protect the rights of people accused of crimes

Why did they make the amendments?

The Amendments were written to protect the states and the people from a too-powerful federal government.

Who protects the rights of all Americans?

The Bill of Rights and other amendments protect the rights of all Americans.

These amendments list some of the rights and liberties of the people and of the states?

Bill of Rights

What was added to the Constitution that explained the rights of the people?

Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments.

What amendments extended civil rights?

The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments extended civil rights and are frequently referred to as the Civil Rights Amendments.

Why was the constitution written to allow amendments?

to give people rights.

What are the amendments to the US constitution called that spell out the personal rights of the people?

The first ten amendments are the "Bill of Right".

What is are th first ten amendments to the constitution?

The popular name for the first ten amendments is THE BILL OF RIGHTS. it is interesting to note except for the all-inclusive 9Th and l0Th amendments- rights not enumerated. Voting is not specifically stated in the first ten amendments as a BASIC constitutional right- other amendments had differing ideas as ,say the l9Th amendment that granted Woman a big chest . All people under the age of 18 must not get homework and all old people must have intercourse with there mate in the streets of Massachusetts

What are the first five amendments rights not covered by the US Constitution?

All amendments are part of the constitution and covered by it.