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Yes. Same Constitution....same purposes. <--that's in short.

The purposes and aims of the US Government are similar and resonate with those of the founding fathers.

Our country's population is exponentially larger, and our place in the world has grown enormously in over two centuries.

Many countries, starting with France, duplicated our democracy soon after we became a beacon of "We the people...". This yearning for a better life through effort, talent and luck was designed by our forefathers.

The current administration has definitely "established justice" with ousting Sadam Hussein and has done well with post-911 "insure domestic tranquility" as we have NOT endured another terrorist attack on American soil since.

The fact we are a fractured nation, divided over many issues (currently the most debated are the environment, healthcare and the war) does not affect the purpose of our government--but drive emotions about the issues and our elected government representatives of "the people".

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Of course not. Our money has changed from gold weight, to debt (legal tender) which means loaned at 30% interest on the dollar, by a privately, elite owned central bank. The United Nations have decided that there are too many people on this earth ("Agenda 21, The Earths Summit") and have been planning for an 80% population decrease by using fear tactics (psycological warfare) as of 9/11, London attacks by Central Intelligence, as far back as gulf of Tonkin and beyond. The Nation today has used many devious, deliberetly hurtful actions against it's own people. And by the nation I now mean "The Goverenment" because now in 2010 people are scared of their nations government. And ALL of our Bill of Rights have been infringed upon, except our third right. The Constitution was put to maintain many "common laws" (such as habeas corpus, trial by jury, and soveriegn immunity) now there are bills in place to suspend all of these rights and let the government take all control.

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Q: Are the purposes of government today the same as those which the framers described in the preamble?
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Are the purpose of government today the same as the framers described the preamble?


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Zero. The word "Federal" is not at all used in our Constitution. Simply the framers described "Union". -Bikash

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You are mistaken. framers never formed any government.

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to guide the people in the right direction, so they could form a better union!The purpose was to guide others in life.The purpose of the preamble is to give a introduction to the us constitutionit's to explain the goals of the Constitution

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One issue that the framers of the Preamble to the United States Constitution was an area about environmental issues. Environmental issues are covered in later Amendments to the Constitution.

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i dont really know, but i think the framers just thought it was a good ending to the preamble i guess. i mean it does sound pretty fancy.

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To protect the people's rights.

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You need to clarify what you mean by framers.