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Click on the link below for pictures.

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Q: Are there pictures of Mary Boleyn?
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Who is Anne Bolyen?

Anne Boleyn was the wife of Henry VIII, she had a sister,Mary Boleyn, brother, George Boleyn, mother, Elizabeth boleyn, and a she had a father, Thomas Boleyn, too. Some people say Anne had a 6th finger on the left hand. Anne's hair was long and black, her eyes were black as well. Anne was the couise of Katherine Howard who died in 1540. Anne had a little girl called " Elizabeth". In 1533-1536 people said Anne Boleyn was a whirte. Anne was callled "The most happy"as Henry's 2nd wife. She had a son because sadly he died at the age of 0 because he was die after he was bron. He didn't live for a day. Anne was the means, 2nd ugles wife. Anne Boleyn lived in Hever Castle, but Henry gave Hever Caslte to Anne of Cleves. Hever Castlewas the house of 3 differen families.

Henry the 8th's wives?

there was Jane Seymour who had edward, catherine of aragon? they had Mary, anne of cleaves, anne boylen who had elizabeth, catherine howard, and catherine parr. :) In order, he married Catherine (or Catalina or Katherine) of Aragon, and they had Mary Tudor (Eventually Mary I, "Bloody Mary"). Next, he married Anne Boleyn and they had Elizabeth (eventually Elizabeth I, "The Virgin Queen"). His 3d wife was Jane Seymour, and they had Edward (eventually Edward VI, "The Boy King). 4th was Anne of Cleves, then Katherine (or Catherine) Howard, and then the wife who outlived him- Catherine Parr. None of his last 3 wives produced any living children.

Is there a picture of Molly Pitcher carrying water to the soldiers?

There are no pictures of Molly Pitcher carrying water to the soldiers. There are drawings of her doing so. Molly Pitcher's real name is Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley.

Is there a baby picture of Abraham Lincoln?

There are plenty of pictures of both of them separately, but no picture exists of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln together. Because of their dramatic difference in height (Mary was between 5' and 5'4"; Abraham was 6'4"), Mary wouldn't sit for a photo of them together.

What was Jane Seymour job before she became Queen?

lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne

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Who is Mary Boleyn?

Mary Boleyn was the sister of the famous Anne Boleyn and was a mistress of King Henry VIII.

What is the correct pronunciation of 'Boleyn' as in Mary Boleyn?

It is pronounced B'LIN.

Who is the actress for Mary Boleyn?

If you mean the movie "The other Boleyn girl" then Scarlett Johansson plays Mary and Natalie Portman plays Anne Boleyn.

Is Mary Shelton the sister of Anne Boleyn?

No, Mary Shelton was Anne Boleyn's cousin. There is a link below to an article on Margaret and Mary Shelton.

Anne and Mary Boleyn?

Anne and Mary Boleyn were sisters. Both were mistresses to King Henry VIII, but Anne became queen. Mary died in her early forties in 1543; Anne Boleyn was executed in 1536.

Who was Anne Boleyn's sister who had affair with King Henry VIII?

Mary Boleyn

Was there really a Mary Boleyn?

Yes there was actually a Mary Boleyn. If you want to know more about her check out this site.

Where is Mary Boleyn buried?

The location of Mary Boleyn's burial site is undetermined. It is believed that she died around 1543 at Rochford Hall in Essex.

Did Anne Boleyn have any sisters?

Anne had one sister (Mary Boleyn) and one brother (George Boleyn)

Who are the main characters in the other Boleyn girl?

There are several main characters in The Other Boleyn Girl 1. Mary Boleyn-the main Character 2. Anne Boleyn- Mary's sister, second wife of Henry VIII 3. George Boleyn-Mary and Anne's brother 4. Henry VIII-lover of Mary-Husband of Anne 5. Catherine of Aragon-first wife of Henry VIII 6. Catherine Carey-daughter of Mary and Henry 7. Henry Carey-son of Mary and Henry 8. William Stafford-second husband of Mary 9. Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk-Uncle of Mary and Anne

What is queen Anne Boleyn sisters name?


Did Mary Boleyn raise her sister anne's child elizabeth?

No. Mary and her husband William Stafford were banished from court by Anne Boleyn and Mary lived quietly away from court. She died in 1543. Elizabeth was close to Mary's son and daughter