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Q: At the Constitutional Convention who was the individual that spoke the warning if the government should fail it would be because of the corruption of the people?
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Which individual did not go to the Constitutional Convention?

Tomas Jefferson and John Adams

What passed after four years after the constitutional convention ensures individual rights?


What compromise did the delegates agree on during the convention?

1. People are free to make their own government. 2. No one should be able to ignore the law. 3. The government has limits.

How do constitutional rights impact individual rights?

They prevent the government from abusing the individual.

What was passed four years after the constitutional convention?

The Bill of Rights were ratified in 1791, 4 years after the Constitutional Convention. The first 8 of these 10 amendments guaranteed various individual rights.

How can there be a Constitutional Convention of individual states?

If 3/4 of the states decide to hold a constitutional convention, there will be one. There have been a number of attempts made to hold such a convention but each attempt has contained a caveat. That way states could vote for one without any danger that one would actually happen.

Cases involving this decide the limits of the government's power and the rights of the individual?

Constitutional law

Who had the most political power under the articles of confederation?

The states actually had the most power under the Articles of Confederation. This did not prove workable for the federal government, and this eventually led to the Constitutional Convention.

What can Constitutional powers be classified as?

Constitutional powers can be classified as federal powers only. The Constitution does not give the right to the federal government to make laws in individual states.

What does the Declaration blame for the social problems and government corruption in France?

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen blames absolute monarchies, like the one in France, for causing social problems and corruption in the government. It criticized the monarchy for promoting inequality, suppressing individual rights, and fostering corruption through unchecked power.

How do constitutional rights impact individual citizens?

Constitutional rights provide individual citizens with protections and liberties that cannot be easily taken away by the government. These rights allow citizens to express their opinions, practice their religion, bear arms, and enjoy other freedoms without fear of government interference. Constitutional rights also provide citizens with due process and equal protection under the law, ensuring fairness and justice in the legal system.

Why were there no women delegates at the Constitutional Convention?

Because women were not allowed to vote at the time and women were considered to be only house keepers. No, the better answer is that women didn't have individual rights.