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both of congress's independents are from what state?

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Q: Both of Congress's independents are from what state?
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Was it in cursive declaration of independents?

kind of. the Declaration of Independence was written in a fancy hand writing. I believe they used both cursive and print

What bad habits did George Washington have?

making the presendenet into congresss i think

If the strict constructionists had won their battle to limit Congresss implied powers how might our government be different today?

well our government would

In can independents and registered party members vote in the party primary?

It depends on what state (and what office)? Laws vary state by state usually determined by what the parties decide. On the presidential level, independents can currently vote in 33 states in the (Democratic) Primary (there's a few states, e.g. California, where it's open in one party and closed in the other) and closed in 17. In Idaho, the Republican Party is trying to close down a primary that has been open for many years and independents (led by the Committee for A Unified Independent Party ( and the Amnerican Independent Movement of Idaho intervened on the suit and won the right for the first time for independents who are not a party to be party to a suit of this kind). And there are several states (e.g. Kentucky) where legislation has recently been introduced to open the primaries).

Are there more liberals then conservatives in the US?

Conservatives are the largest out of the four classified ideological groups Conservatives make up 90% of the Republicans 68% Independents and 2% of Democrats. Liberals make up 67% of Democrats 32% of Independents and 0% of Republicans Libertarians make up 10% of Republicans, 0% of Independents and 9% of Democrats Socialists make up 22% of Democrats, 0% of Independents, and 0% of Republicans

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What has Queen Elizabeth done for the state in Australia?

she grant australia independents

What happened at the first and second continental congresss?

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Can independents only vote for independents?

Independents can only vote in the General election in November. They can not vote in Democratic or Republic primaries or caucuses. Independents can vote for anybody they want to in the General election in November. Both Democrat President Barack Obama and Republican Candidate, former Governor Mitt Romney want the votes of Independents as well of the votes of people who are in other political parties in the Presidential Election on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

What is congresss in charge of?

Congress = Legislative Branch = Law Making Body

When was Derwentside Independents created?

Derwentside Independents was created in 2001.

When did Federation of Independents end?

Federation of Independents ended in 1955.

When was Federation of Independents created?

Federation of Independents was created in 1949.

Is The central government and state governments should have equal power expressed in the declaration of independents?

i like cookies :P

When was Lincolnshire Independents created?

Lincolnshire Independents was created on 2008-07-18.