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Q: Both political parties and interest groups are an organization of citizens.?
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Are both political parties and interest groups are an organization of citizens.?


What is a private organization of citizens who select and promote political candidates?

Political parties are private organizations of citizens that select and promote political candidates.

What is political parties?

Political Party: - private organization of citizens who select and promote candidates for public office.

How are political parties and interest groups are similar?

There are two clear similarities between political parties and special interest groups. Each is an "organization" and each has a "political agenda". They are clearly different types of organizations in other respects. Interest groups are a formal or informal group of citizens usually seeking certain legislative actions. The public interest group can also petition the executive branch of the government. Political parties are huge with party members dealing in multiple levels of political items on their agendas.

What are the roles of an individual Citizens elections political parties and interest groups in the political process?

Brett favre is awesome. and thats the answer....your teacher is wrong if she sayes this is wrong

What is a Political parties?

A political party is an organization of people that wants to achieve goals that are common to its members through the acquisition and exercise of political power.

What was a powerful organization linked to political parties?

Political Party

What is the organization role and constituency of political parties?

describe the organization role and constituencies of political parites

How do political parties help senior citizens?

they dont

What are two functions of political parties?

The main functions of political parties is to conscientize citizens about the nation's political issues. Political parties also help to ensure good governance and accountability.

How is the political system hurt by the loose organization of political parties?

a lot

Does political parties have financial interest?