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experienced a weakening of their power and independence

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Q: By the end of the American Revolution most Native American tribes had?
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All native American tribes who is the most powerful?

the cherokee's

Which side did most native American support in the American revolution?

the British

The Cherokee were the most assimilated of all the Native American tribes?


Who were the most aggressive Tribe among the Native American Indians Tribes were?


What do Native American tribes believe in?

Most Native American tribes have adopted Christianity. Some are trying to preserve the ceremonies and beliefs of their ancestors. The tribes of North Ameirca were diverse in their cultures and religions, as in the environments in which they lived. No one belief was held in common by all.

What was most native America tribes name after?

The meaning of most native American self-designations(not generally their well-known tribal names) is "the people".

Which side did the most Native Americans support in the American Revolution?

the British

Why was the great spirit important to the north American Indians?

It was the basis of the native religion of most tribes.

Which type of oral tradition is most popular across native American tribes?

the creation story.

What side did the most native Americans support in the American revolution?

Depends, some northeastern tribes supported the English while others the colonists. Just like any group there were those who were neutral.

Native American groups got most of their food by?

Most were hunter gatherer tribes (opportunistic) with small agricultural communities.

What are Utah natives called?

Several Native American tribes can be found in Utah. The most common are Ute, Paiute, and Navajo.