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No. But he/she can be immune while holding office.

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Q: Can a president claim immunity for crime committed before president?
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What is asserted immunity from prosecution?

Asserted immunity from prosecution refers to the claim made by an individual that they are protected from being prosecuted for a crime or wrongdoing due to a legal immunity they possess. This assertion is typically based on a specific legal privilege or protection granted to the individual, such as diplomatic immunity or testimonial immunity. However, the validity of the asserted immunity is subject to verification and interpretation by the legal authorities.

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Did the President know the Japanese were about to attack Pearl Harbor before it even happened?

No, but this claim has been in place by Roosevelt's detractors since the late 1940's.

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The Tort Claim Act is a law in virtually every state that gives specific grounds and procedures for bringing lawsuits against a state or municipality. Formerly, governments enjoyed a form of "sovereign immunity", meaning they could not be sued for damages like individuals can be sued. While most state have these laws, different states will have slight differences from others. Under these laws people may not sue states and cities unless it is allowed in these laws.

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A mandate

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