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I believe fed employees can run for office as long as they are non-partisan. I believe they have to run as independents.

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Q: Can government employees run for public office?
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What is one difference between government agencies and government contractors?

There agendas are set by Congress

Select someone to run for public office?

How does someone get chosen to run for public office

How are government corporations similar to other corporations in the United States?

Their workers are all public employees.

Who can select people to run for public office?

Anyone may choose for themselves whether they would like to run for public office or not.

What is the idea of a public option?

It's called "public option" What it really should be called is "government option" It will be a government run insurance provider. That should work out well. We all know how efficiently the government can run businesses. think social security, post office, Medicare, am track ect.

What kind of monopoly often provides basic necessities such as public utilities?

Government run monopolies. When the government has control of a monopoly they often provide basic needs for the people, but do not take advantage of the power. Ex. the post office is a government run monopoly.

Who nominates people to run for public positions?

political parties nominate people to run for public office positions.

What is the name of a person who run for public office?

In general, a politician.

How can you use the word office in a sentence?

She worked from home in a beautiful office. The actor decided to run for public office.

How does the naskapi government work?

The Naskapi Government is run by an elected band office.

How can one become a public sector?

Public sector are businesses run by the government. Thus to become a public sector you'd have to become part of the government or get a job working for the government.

What type of person can run for political office?

No citizen should be banned from public office if they are otherwise qualified.