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Not your state income tax refund. But the state may have a claim on it and they would keep the necessary amount that is owed for that purpose.

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Not your state income tax refund. But the state may have a claim on it and they would keep the necessary amount that is owed for that purpose.

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No. The Supreme Court held that states cannot tax the federal government or an instrument of the federal government (like the Second National Bank, in Baltimore, Maryland) in McCulloch v. Maryland, (1819).

In his opinion for McCulloch, Chief Justice John Marshall declared Maryland's legislation taxing any bank not chartered by the state unconstitutional under the Supremacy Clause. Marshall stated that the state's power to tax was the "power to destroy" competition by taxing it out of existence, and was being used unconstitutionally against the federal government.

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McCulloch v. Maryland, 17 US 316 (1819)

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Q: Can states tax the federal government?
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What kind of tax is the federal government's tax?

It's a federal government tax

Can a state tax an instrument of the federal government?

No, they cannot. Taxation indicates the ability to control and the states are not allowed to control the federal government.

What is states had the power to ignore a federal tax law they did not like?

The federal government uses tax laws and funding to force the states to act in certain ways (drinking), if each state could ignore what the federal government says they would be eliminating its power.

Why is it that US Treasury bonds are not taxable at the state level?

Reciprocity. The states cannot tax federal issues and the federal government cannot tax state issues.

Who is federal tax paid to?

Federal taxes are collected by the US government directly, or through the states on some purchases and fees.

The case of McCulloch v. Maryland determined that states could not tax the federal government.?


Do US citizens have to pay tax on employment income?

Yes. It's called Income Tax. States can require an income tax, and there is tax payable to the Federal Government.

Difference between federal taxes and state taxes?

The United States has several levels of government. The main national government that has jurisdiction over the entire country is known as the federal government. Most of the United States is divided into smaller political subdivisions called "states." Examples of states are Florida, California, and Hawaii. These states have their own governments that have jurisdiction over local matters within their boundaries. (The United States also has several territories not located within states that do not have all of the rights of states, but do have their own governments. Examples are the District of Columbia where the federal capital is located, Puerto Rico, and Guam.) A tax imposed by action of the federal government is called a federal tax. A tax imposed by action of a state government is called a state tax.

Does the US federal government have the power to tax imports?

The US government may tax imported goods through a tax system called tariffs. US states have no authority over tariffs..

Can any state government lay a tax or duties on imports or exports with their states?

In Australia exports overseas are covered by the federal government.

States power to tax the federal government was addressed in the supreme courts decision of?

A+ : McCulloch vs. Maryland

What is the largest single source of revenue for the federal government?

In the United States, it's Personal Income Tax.