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He receives a salary and had an expenses account to use while on government business. I do not what else you may mean by compensation.

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Q: Can the president receive any compensation from the federal government while in office?
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How much money does President Obama receive from Federal Government?

400,000 to 500,000

What compensation does that us president receive?

$400,000 a year

Does Illinois receive any money from the federal government?

Illinois does receive money from the federal government for various projects. Every state in the United States receives money from the federal government.

What term is used when referring to the presidents salary?

"Compensation" and "emolument." Article 2, Section 6 states that the president shall receive for his services a "compensation". Later in the section it states that the president shall not receive any other "emolument" from any state.

Why does the state government receive all of their money from the federal government?

The state governments do not receive all their money from the Federal government. The majority of their funds come from state income taxes, property taxes and sales taxes.

Which government officials receive appointment for life?

Federal Judges

How long does a former president receive a pension according to the former presidents act?

For the rest of their lives, unless the former president is holding an appointed or elected position in the Federal Government or the government of the District of Columbia and pays more than a 'nominal fee.'

Who was the first President to receive a government pension?


What are federal employees are permitted to do?

Federal employees work for the vast federal government. This covers all government agencies, so there are thousands of them. They are permitted to work for the federal government. Federal employees are permitted to do their assigned jobs and receive pay for doing so.

Can you get workmans compensation for taking meds that keep you from being able to do your job safely?

Workman's Compensation is administered by the individual States and the rules that apply vary from State to State. Federal employees fall under The Federal Workman's Compensation. In my State, Workman's Compensation is available only if the condition preventing you from working is a work related illness or injury. You can get information at:, they have information for Federal and each individual State. You can also call your local Workman's Compensation Board. Reasons Why You Can't Get Workman's Compensation 1. If you are taking medication so that you are unable to do your job safely and receive workman's compensation. 2. If you have a condition that require you to take medication that makes you unable to work safely. If you apply for unemployment due to disability, then yes you can receive workman's compensation.

Who can receive compensation directly from an owner?

The person who can receive compensation directly from an owner is his next of kin.

Should workers compensation appear as income on Form 1040?

No. Workers compensation that you receive under a workers compensation act for job-related sickness or injuries isn't taxable. You don't include it as income on Form 1040.