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Q: Capitol Hill Rises 88 feet (27m). Which three important labeled government buildings stand on the hill?
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What was the nickname for american soldiers because their clothing was labeled Government Issue?

The nickname for American soldiers because their clothing was labeled government issue was GIs.

Why is IBM Endicott blurred out on Google maps?

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The state capitol in Baton Rouge has 48 steps in the stair to the entrance. What is the significance of this number and what else makes the capitol unique?

cause no other country has that capitol and it is history! The Louisiana state capitol has 48 steps leading up to the enterance. Labeled with one for each state in the United States in the order they were admitted into the country at the time it was built 1929, Alaska and Hawaii share a step at the end which was added later. The capitol is famous for being the location where Senator Huey Long was assassinated in 1935

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