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Commonly referred to as Loyalists or "Tories".

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Q: Colonist who supported the king?
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Who was a colonist that supported the british?


Who was the colonist who supported the british?

Tories or Loyalists.

What was the name given to the colonist that supported Independence?


People in the English colonies on the northern American mainland?

The name of the people in the English colonies on the northern American mainland is colonist. Those that supported the revolution were also called rebels and those that supported the King were called loyalists.

What do you call a colonist who supported independence?

What were coloniests that supported the dependence called?

The name given to colonist who supported the british crown during the American revolutionary war?

The Colonist(s) who supported the British Crown in the Revolutionary War were known as Loyalists (quite easy to remember, eh?) One famous Patriot-turned-Loyalist was Benedict Arnold. <><><> The term Tory, Royalist, or King's Men was also used.

Which European country supported the colonist during the revolution?


What fraction of the colonist supported the revolution against British?

what fraction of the colonists supported the revolution against the British

What are loyalists and what did the Americans call them and why if you can?

The loyalist were colonist that supported the crown (England).

What European nation supported the American colonist in their revolution?


Colonist who favored war against Britain is called what?

A patriot. An American colonist that supported Great Britain was known as a Tory.

Why didn't the colonist listen to the king in England?

* the colonist were all dirty ingrates