Convoys were used to

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Convoys are used for many things. They can be used to deliver goods to areas that are in need. They can also be used in military regions as protection.

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Q: Convoys were used to
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What convoys were used to?

In World War 1, the use of naval convoys by the British was reinstated. They used convoys to protect cargo ships from German U-Boats.

Who used convoys?

Groups that used convoys include the military and truck drivers. The military is best known for using convoys when they are in war time situations. They will have a long line of trucks and tanks.

What did the British use to limit their ship losses?

They used convoys, guarded by British and Canadian destroyers.

What were convoys used used for?

Convoys were used to destroy any U-boats that were in their way.

What name was given to the escort carriers used to protect convoys and attack German Boat?

Jeep carriers

What name was given to the escort used to protect convoys and attack German U-boats?

"Jeep" Carrier

What is the plural for convoy?

it is convoys

What is the plural of convoy?


What were convoys used to do?

Convoys in WW1 were used to protect the merchant and troop ships coming to Britain, carrying food, ammunition and general supplies. The convoys comprised of a core of merchant ships (and sometimes Q-Boats, which were designed to be disguised as merchant ships, but had guns and depth charges to destroy U-boats) surrounded by navy ships, which guarded the merchant vessels. Some navy ships had hydrophones (a machine using radio waves to detect a U-boat under water.). They also went in a zig-zag route, to make it harder for the U-Boats to torpedo the ships.

When did Arctic convoys of World War II happen?

Arctic convoys of World War II happened in 1919-08.

What purpose did convoys serve?

Convoys allowed a small number of armed naval vessels to provide security for a large number of freighters.

What strategies did convoys used to help the allies combat German submarine warfare?

Warships traveled with Merchant ships for protection.