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Q: Could a comet be ten miles wide?
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Is there forty miles in ten square miles?

Ten square miles is a square that is ten miles long and ten miles wide. If you walked across it in a straight line you would walk ten miles, if you walked the perimeter of it (all the way around all four sides) you would walk forty miles. <><><> Sorry- disagree. 10 miles long and 10 miles wide is 100 square miles.

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The Elysian Park fault is a fault that lies in the Los Angeles Basin. The fault is ten miles wide by twenty miles long.

What is the diameter of a typical tornado funnel cloud?

the average tornado diameter is 50 yards. Some tornadoes, however are less than ten yards wide, while the biggest can be over two miles wide.

Is it true that Halley's comet is seen every eighty -six years?

No, it's not (Halley's is a periodic comet, but its period is shorter than that, by about ten years).

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No, longer than Ten men wide! :)

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Ten seconds.

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