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Q: Could red scare or McCarthyism happen again?
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How did the Red Scare influence the US?

The Red Scare led to McCarthyism where ordinary citizens could be blacklisted, or prevented from getting a job, if they were suspected of being a communist.

What phobia is the fear of communism?

Mccarthyism or the red scare

Why is the red scare like McCarthyism?


Does red scare mean the same as McCarthyism and did red scare include anti-communist persecutions?

No the Red Scare is not the same as McCarthyism. It was the term for the fear that Communism would take over America and the world. Anti-communist persecutions were a result of the Red Scare.

What factors contributed to the end of McCarthyism and the red scare?

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The red scare and McCarthyism were similar in that both?

Encouraged nativist ideas.

What were the 3 causes of the red scare?

McCarthyism, the sputnik, bolshevik revolution.

During the red scare many were accused of being communist even without evidence to prove it this was known as?

McCarthyism -Apex

Who did red scare target?

Suspected communists. Eventually, anyone was fair game for McCarthyism, the man who initiated the "Red Scare."

What is the black list from McCarthyism and the red scare of the 1950?

the red scare is when people where dying all over the world because of the anti- communist.

Where did McCarthyism start?

McCarthyism started in the United States during the era time frame of 1950 to 1956. A time frame that is sometimes called the Second Red Scare.

What is it called when many were accused of being communist without Any evidence to prove it?

A Red Scare!