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Count Cavour became the Italian Prime Minister in 1852.

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Q: Count Cavour was named to what position in 1852?
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Count Cavour was named of Italy in 1852?

Count Cavour became the Italian prime minister in 1852.

Who was the skillful politician who was named prime minister of Italy in 1852?

Count CavourCount CavourCavour

Who was a skill full politican who was named prime minister of Italy in 1852?

Count Camillo Benso of Cavour.

Which statements accurately describe Count Camillo de Cavour?

a. Cavour increased the church's influence in Italy. b. Cavour favored rapid industrial growth in Italy. c. Cavour opposed expelling Austria from Italy. d. Cavour led the expansion of Sardinia's influence. e. Cavour became the new king of Sardinia in 1852. *list from letters (Ex. a,b,e,d)*

Who was elected prime minister of sardinia in 1852?

Camillo Cavour

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Count Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf was born in 1852.

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Count Manfred von Clary-Aldringen was born in 1852.

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