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Ten muslim presidents name.

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Q: Current Presidents of all countries in list?
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List all 43 presidents with their countries names2013?

If you go to Wikipedia and type "List of heads of state", you'll find a list of current heads of state (and heads of government, when they are not the same person). I'll leave it to you to check which of these qualify as "presidents".

Names of presidents and prime ministers of all countries?

It is not possible to name all the presidents and prime ministers of all the countries in the world. Barack Obama is the current president of the US while David Cameron is the current PM for UK.

Who are the Presidents and Prime Ministers of all countries?

The current heads of state and government are listed at the related link below.

List of presidents of all African countries?

lista de presidentes de tudos os paises africanos

All the US's president?

A list of all the US's presidents would begin with George Washington and end with the current president Barrack Obama. You can see a complete list online at

Who are the prime ministers of all the world's countries?

The current list is available at the related link below.

What website has a list of where the presidents lived before they where presidents?

The website provides a list of all the presidents of the United States, along with information about their lives, including where they lived before becoming president.

Show me a list of all the Presidents of the United Stated.?

A list of all the Presidents of the United States and their terms in office can be found by using the link to the Wikipedia article posted on this office and the office holders, or by clicking on the ordered list of us presidents link.

Who are all the Presidents of the Dominican Republic?

For a list of all presidents of the Dominican Republic, click here.

Do all presidents use teleprompters?

No, generally only presidents of countries who give many speeches.

What do the presidents of United States look like?

There are dozens of books that list all the presidents with their pictures. Or, you can google "US Presidents" and click on images.

List of all the presidents since the 1900s?

A list of all of the US presidents since the 1900s can be found online at places like US President Election. This list begins with George Washington and ends currently (2014) with Barrack Obama.