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nominal sovereignty is the authority to only rule in name where substantial sovereignty or dominant sovereignty means real or actual authority

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Q: Definition dominat sovereignty and nominal sovereignty?
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What is nominal sovereignty?

Nominal sovereignty is authority in name and not in practice compared to substantive sovereignty which commands real authority.

Definition of nominal gnp?


What is the definition of nominal definition of philosophy?

The nominal definition of philosophy refers to the general concept of philosophy as the study of fundamental questions concerning existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. It is a broad understanding of philosophy as a discipline that seeks to explore and explain the nature of reality and human existence through critical thinking and systematic inquiry.

What is a nominal Christian?

Mainstream/Secular definition: A nominal Christian is one who says he/she is a Christian but hardly ever goes to church. Or, someone who selects "Christianity" as their religion for any official purpose (e.g. national census), but consider him/herself to be a non-practising Christian.Christian definition: A nominal Christian is one who says he/she is a Christian, but does not possess a trusting, faithful, dependent relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ; relationship made possible by Christ's propitiation on the cross and the gift of the Holy Spirit to those predestined by God the Father. The church attendance of a nominal Christian is not relevant to whether they are nominal or not; a nominal Christian can attend church weekly or rarely. A nominal Christian may undertake religious activities (especially at Christmas/Easter), and proclaim fellowship with followers of Jesus (for example, through being a "member" of a church), but in their heart they will possess apathy or even unbelief toward the sovereignty of Jesus Christ.Alternative definition:

What established the sovereignty of God?

Definition: Sovereign: One that exercises supreme, permanent authority.The Creator of all that is... God... established His Sovereignty.

Definition of nominal real and personal accounts?

A nominal real account represents incomes, gains, expenses, and losses. A personal account represents a person's and organization's expenses.

What is the dominat religan in Burma?


Types of definition?

Different types of definitions include stipulative, descriptive, explicative, real, and nominal.

What is the economic Definition of nominal stock of money?

Hi nominal means in terms og currency. That is the value of the money before anything is done with it. I.e. taking into account inflation, taxes etc.

What is fiefdom?

an organization that is controlled by a dominat person or group.

Which traits are dominat?

it means a diffrent type of things

Which religion continued to be dominat throughout Europe?