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Greene's strategy was to exhaust Cornwallis by geting him to chase him all over the countryside fighting small, inconclusive battles.

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Q: Describe the strategy of Nathaniel Greene against Lord Cornwallis?
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What was Nathanael Greene's strategy against Lord Cornwallis?

Nathaniel Greene was chosen to replace Gates in the south. Greene and Daniel Morgan manipulated Cornwallis northward, separating him from his base at Charleston. Their successful strategy was to exhaust Cornwallis by getting him to chase them all over the countryside, fighting small, inconclusive battles. When the colonists did stop to fight, they chose the place and made good use of the opportunity. Under Morgan's command, the Americans won an important victory at Cowpens, South Carolina, in January of 1781. They killed or captured almost the entire force Cornwallis had sent against them.

Why did Nathaniel bacon lead a rebellion against wealthy landowners in Virginia?

Nathaniel Bacon Lead A Rebellion Against The Wealthy Landowners In Virgina Because He Was Helping The African Americans

What was the battle at Yorktown about?

The Battle of Yorktown (1781) was the last major battle in the American Revolution. British general Cornwallis was against French general Marquis de Lafayette and General George Washington. French admiral DeGrasse was commander of the French naval fleet and defeated the British What's_a_brief_summary_on_the_Battle_at_Yorktown, thus prohibiting them from entering Chesapeake Bay and giving aid and resources to Cornwallis. Cornwallis was surrendered--Washington's troops came from the North and Lafayette's from the South. This was called the 'pincer' strategy. Cornwallis couldn't go anywhere--by land (blockage by Washington and Lafayette) or by sea (blockage by DeGrasse). Cornwallis surrendered on October 17, his troops vastly outnumbered. By winning this battle, America won the war.Read more: What's_a_brief_summary_on_the_Battle_at_Yorktown

The man who led the farmers of the Piedmont in rebellion against Governor Berkeley was Nathaniel BaconJohn SmithJohn Rolfe?

Nathaniel bacon

What has the author Nathaniel G M Senter written?

Nathaniel G. M. Senter has written: 'A vindication of the character of Nathaniel G.M. Senter against the charge of being a spy and a traitor'

Which governor generals formed the triple alliance against tipu sultan?

Lord cornwallis

Why did Nathaniel bacon lead a rebellion against governor of Virginia?

Nathaniel Bacon's cousin, Sir William Berkeley, was the royal governor of Virginia. He refused to act against the Indians. As a result, the farmers chose to be led by Nathaniel Bacon. He organized a militia and fought the Indians off.

Who was the leader of the rebellion against the governor of virginia in the 1670s?

Nathaniel Bacon

Who led the side against George Washington in the American Revolution?

General Cornwallis of Great Britain

What was the role of lord Cornwallis in the revolutionary war?

Lord Charles Cornwallis is the British general who was accused of "losing America" having fought against the Americans in many different battles during the Revolutionary War. In 1776, Cornwallis arrived in America two years after the Revolution started. Cornwallis came to America with the rank of major general, but by 1780 he was responsible for the entire British campaign in the South. At first Cornwallis was successful against the American forces, but that all began to change in January 1781 when he was defeated by Nathanael Greene's army in South Carolina. In August 1781 Cornwallis was in Yorktown waiting for more troops to arrive. However, by the time the new British troops arrived the French were ready to attack. The American and French troops cornered the British forces and Cornwallis' forces had to surrender. The British surrender at Yorktown led to the end of the Revolutionary War. After the war, Cornwallis became the Governor General of India and the Viceroy of Ireland. Cornwallis died in 1805.

Who led the farmers of the Piedmont in rebellion against Governor Berkeley was .?

Nathaniel Bacon

Who was Nathaniel bacon fighting against?

William Berkeley, the British governor of Virginia.