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he wanted to keep the people of the colonies unified

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Q: Despite being opposed to independence at the Second Continental Congress Edward Rutledge eventually agreed to support independence because?
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Who was the youngest member of Second Continental Congress?

edward rutledge

What Edward Rutledge involvement in America Revolution?

he signed the declaration of independence and convenced his state to vote for independence,he was in the continental army and captured by the british during the seige of Charleston and supposingly really badly treated by them. they had him for a year then exchanged him.

Who signed the declaration of independence at age 26?

Edward Rutledge

Why was edward rutledge important to the declaration of independence?

Youngest Signer :)

How old was edward rutledge when he signed the declaration of independence?


Who was the youngest singer of the declaration of independence to die?

edward rutledge

How did John Rutledge answer Randolph's argument?

John Rutledge answered Randolph's arguments by outlining the reasons why Congress should be limited in power.

The primary author of the Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson was both one of the youngest delegates to the continental congress and the primary author of the declaration of independence. Benjamin Franklin and John Adams also served on the committee for the declaration but Jefferson was told by Adams the he (Jefferson) was the best writer of all of them.

What colony did Edward Rutledge represent at the second continential congress?

South Carolina

Who appointed to the US supreme court by George Washington that signed the Declaration of Independence?

Edward Rutledge.

What were John Rutledge's accomplishments?

He was elected governor in 1779. He served in the state legislature and the Contiental Congress

Where is the Rutledge Public Library in Rutledge located?

The address of the Rutledge Public Library is: 8030 Rutledge Pike, Rutledge, 37861 9804