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Q: Did Abraham Lincoln want the federal reserve?
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Did Abraham Lincoln always want to be president when he was kid?


Did abraham lincoln want to stop slavery?


How do you know that the image of Abraham Lincoln talking to soldiers is a secondary source?

because abraham lincoln said he want a secondary source

Who did not want the Mexican -American war to go on?

Abraham Lincoln.

Why did Lincoln want to be elected as a senate for Illinois?

Abraham Lincoln opposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854.

Did Frederick Douglass want slavery?

he was not with slavery he was with the North or with Abraham Lincoln

Why did Abraham Lincoln didn't want war?

he wanted to stop slavery

What hapend to Abraham Lincoln?

I don't want to break your heart but he died.

Who did Abraham Lincoln want to be in control of America?

I dont know XD

Who did not want Abraham Lincoln to as president?

i did want him, he has all the things that presedents need to do but dont do ,not lie

Did new president Andrew Johnson want to get rid of Lincoln's plan for reconstruction after president Abraham Lincoln's assassination?


Why did the confererat state want to romove Lincoln from office?

The biggest reason is that Abraham Lincoln was against slavery, and the confederate states were for it.