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Nancy Hanks Lincoln died and left Thomas Lincoln as a widower.

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Q: Did Abraham Lincolns dad divorce Nancy or did she die?
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Is it true that some on farted on Abraham Lincolns dad and he died?


Who did Abraham lincolns dad remarry?

Her name was Sarah Bush Johnston.

Did Abraham Lincoln go hunting with his dad?

No, While married to Nancy he was a drunk. Nancy, Abraham, and Sarah hated Thomas Lincoln.

Where was Abraham Lincolns home located?

Hardin County Virginia and dad payed $200.00 for 348 acre of land

Abraham Lincolns dad job?

He worked as a frontier farm hand, but learned enough skills and became a carpenter.

What was Abraham Lincolns age when his mother died?

His mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln died on October 5, 1818. when he was 10 years old. His father, Thomas Lincoln, died January 17, 1851.

How did Mary todd Lincolns dad die?

mary todd lincon's dad died of turboculosis..... :'(

Can you divorce your father so you can live with your mom?

You cannot divorce parents, but you can leave your dad for your mum, or you can leave your mum for your dad.

What is Abraham Lincoln's mom and dad name?

Abraham Lincoln's birth parents were named Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks. Nancy Hanks died when Abe was just nine years old. His father remarried and he had a step-mother, Sarah Bush Johnston, that he was also very fond of and referred to as mother.

Who is ann and Nancy Wilson's dad?

Ann and Nancy Wilson's father is John Wilson.

What was the name of Abe Lincoln's dad?

Abe Lincolns dads name was Thomas Lincoln

When did Abe lincolns dad marry Sarah bush Johnson?

December 2, 1819.