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  1. Yes, she did keep her maiden name and did not use bell as her last name.
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Q: Did Alexader Graham Bell's mother keep her maiden name?
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What was Alexander grahm bells real name?

Alexander Graham Bell's real name was Alexander Bell. The "Graham" was added later by his father in honor of Alexander's mother's maiden name, Graham.

What does alexander graham bells mother and father do?

do their own job

What kind of work did Alexander Graham Bells mother do?

ALexander graham bell's mother was called Eliza Grace Symonds. She worked as a musician and a painter.

Was Alexander graham bells mum deaf?

both his mother and wife were deaf

When did Alexander graham bells mom die?

Bell's mother, Eliza Grace Symonds, died in 1897.

Is Alexander graham bells parents deaf or hearing?

Both his mother and his wife were deaf. His father was not deaf.

What is alexandra graham's bells full name?

It is Alexandra Graham Bell

What was Alexander Graham bells discovery?

Alexander graham bell invented telephone.

Who was Alexander Graham bells asstant?


What is Alexander graham bells ethnicity?


What is Alexander graham bells motto?


When is Alexander graham bells birthday?

march 3