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Q: Did Edmund barton give white women the right to vote?
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Was Clara Barton ivoled in the women suffrage moment?

yes Clara barton was involved

What women founded the red cross?

clara barton

Who had the right to vote in 1860?

women and black people did not have the right to vote

What has the author Debbie Barton written?

Debbie Barton has written: 'Housing in Ottawa-Carleton' -- subject(s): Housing, Women

What was the most important outcome of the American revolution for white women?

the right to vote

What race of women gives the best fellacio?

White done right lol

What charactaristics did Clara Barton have?

Brave, determined, compassionate, fair women

When was the women who went to the field by Clara Barton written?

She was elizabeth montrose

Who was allowed to vote in 1920?

White and African American women gained the right to vote.

Clara Barton's husband?

Clara Barton never got married and she was always a free living women she didnt need a man to live her life for her.

Why was Clara Barton put in the woman's hall of fame?

Clara Barton was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 1973.

When the bus boycott was going on many of the white women did what?

Casucasian men and women walked right beside their AfricanAmerican women and men to show their support for the boycott.