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the believed in promoted economic growth <novanet>

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Q: Did Federalists favor a national bank?
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Did the federalists agree with the national bank?


Who favored development of industry on a national scale and favored a national bank?

Alexander Hamilton was the leader and he lead the Federalists so the political party who favored development of industry on a national scale and favored a national bank is the federalists.

What model did the federalists want to use for the country?

A National Bank.

What did federalists believed?

strong central government

What did Federalists believe in?

They believed innational banks.

What were people who want a strong national government called?

Democrats usually favor a stronger centralized government. TOTALITARIANISM(Hitler)

Which is a reason that Federalists and Republicans stopped fighting by 1817?

There was a new national bank in place.

Would an anti federalist be in favor of a kings power?

Neither Federalists or Anti-Federalists are in favor of having a king.

By what name were those who argued in favor of the constitution?


Why was Hamilton in favor of a national bank?

A tariff is a tax on imported goods.

Were the anti federalists in favor of ratifying the constitution?

no, the federalist were in favor of the constitution being ratified, that's why they are called the ANTI- federalists. they did not want it to be ratified

Why did industsrialists favor the national bank?

Novanet: They believed it promoted economic growth.