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Q: Did George Washington pay his soldiers when the war was over?
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Why did the second continetal congress ask George Washington to lead the continental army?

BECAUSE THE BRITISH soldiers fought till the war was over the miltia fought only a couple months

Can you pay with a George Washington golden dollar?

Yes. It's legal tender.

When did Alexander Hamilton first meet George Washington?

When George Washington became president, he was told about Alexander Hamilton and called him over. They quickly became friends and war broke against two opinions. King George would make the peasants pay more for taxes meanwhile Alexander H. and George W. won the war for their beleifs.

How much does a class 5 semi pay to cross George Washington bridge?


What is the value of a 1 cent stamp George Washington?

value is what someone is willing to pay.

When was Soldiers Pay created?

Soldiers Pay was created in 2004.

I have lived in Washington for over a year am I a resident?

If you are an American citizen and pay taxes in Washington, then you are a resident.

How much was Washington paid for helping with the war?

George Washington refused to accept pay for his military service. He did, however, accept pay for his other public service, including his presidency.

Which Founding Father is noted for volunteering to serve in the Continental Army without pay?

George Washington

What motivates George Washington?

The thing that motivated him was having to pay taxes to England for goods and resources.

You pay for a candy bar with a coin and a bill both depicting George Washington How much did it cost?


A wealthy Virginian of great character and leadership abilities who served his country without pay?

George Washington