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Q: Did Hoover support prohibition
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Who was President during Prohibition?


What president used prohibition?

Herbert Hoover

What US President began Prohibition?

Herbert Hoover

Who called prohibition a noble experiment?

Herbert Hoover

Prohibition came about during the administration of what president?

Herbert Hoover

What was the other name for Prohibition?

Herbert Hoover called it the Noble Experiment.

True or false During the 1928 election campaignherbert hoover promised to end prohibition?

False. During the 1928 election campaign, Herbert Hoover did not promise to end prohibition. In fact, he stated that he supported the continuation of prohibition.

During the 1928 election campaign did Herbert Hoover promise to end prohibition?

No- not at all. The Democrat Al Smith was the one opposed to prohibition.

Al Capone and his undermining of the support for Prohibition?

The violence of Al Capone and other organized crime leaders reduced support for Prohibition.

Did the president support the prohibition?

President Roosevelt's platform included a plank calling for the repeal of Prohibition.

Who didn't support prohibition?

members of the public

Why was president hoover against repealing prohibition?

President Hoover was against repealing Prohibition due to concerns about the potential negative social and economic consequences that could arise from increased alcohol consumption. He believed that Prohibition had important moral and health benefits and feared that its repeal would lead to increased crime, corruption, and public health issues. Hoover also felt that the Volstead Act, which enforced Prohibition, needed to be strengthened and better enforced rather than repealed.