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Q: Did Mary todd Lincoln help end slavery?
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Who was president Lincoln First Lady?

Mary Todd Lincoln

How Mary Todd Lincoln died?

Mary Todd Lincoln died from a stroke.

Abraham Lincoln wife's name?

Mary Todd

Was Mary todd Lincoln's slave?

No. Mary Todd was Abraham Lincoln's wife.

Who was Lincolns wife?

Mary Todd Lincoln was his only wife.

What did Mary Lincoln think about slavery?

Mary Todd Lincoln, supported the abolition of slavery. Her support of the abolition of slavery is believed to have originated with the influence of her grandmother, who according to legend, aided slaves seeking freedom through the "Underground Railroad".

When was Mary Todd Lincoln born?

Mary Todd Lincoln was born on December 13, 1818.

Mary Todd Lincoln's birthplace?

Mary Todd Lincoln was born in Lexington, Kentucky.

Abraham lincoln's wife was named what?

Mary Todd was Abraham Lincolns wife's name

How did Mary Todd Lincoln help during the civil war?

She was a nurse

What was Mary Todd Lincoln's fathers name?

Mary Todd Lincoln's fathers name was Robert Smith Todd.

Who is Mary todd?

Mary todd was the wife of Abraham Lincoln