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yes in 1793

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Q: Did Molly Pitcher marry john McCauley?
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Did Molly Pitcher have kids?

No, Molly Pitcher (Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley) did not have children, even though she did have a husband, John Hays, who was killed. Shortly after, she remarried McCauley.

Molly Pitcher's dad?

her dad wuz John George McCauley

Who is molly pitcher husband?

Molly pitcher, also known as Mary Ludwig, Married 2 People. Her first husband was William Hays and Later married a War veteran named John McCauley.

What was molly kids names?

Molly Pitcher, the heroine of the Battle of Monmouth, was actually named Mary Ludwig McCauley or Mary Hays. She had one son name John Hays.

What was Molly Pitchers dads name?

Mary Ludwig Hays is often referred to as Molly Pitcher. It is recorded that she one son, Johanes or John, with her first husband, William Hays.

What was Molly Pitcher famous for?

She hauled water to the men at the battlefield in the battle of Monmouth. She also took her husband's (John Hays) place in the battlefield after he died there and fired round after round at the British.

Molly Ludwig Hays Mccauley's parents names?

Gretchan ludwig and John G. Ludwig

What was Molly Pitcher's children named?


Molly Pitcher's parents names?

Dad: John George Ludwig Mom: Gretchen LudwigActually There are more then one molly pictcher IM in the 5th grade . Im doing Margarette corbin. Another molly pitcher . Molly pitcher was just a nick name giving by the army. When a lady is taking care of them. Every molly pitcher did this when her husband was down she fired the cannon.

Did Molly Pitcher have children?

Molly Pitcher did have a child, and he was with John Hays. The baby was a boy and was born in 1780. Molly and John named him John Jr. after his dad. and a dude

What happened to Molly Pitcher after the revolution?

After the revolution Molly had a child named John L. Hays but the father died three years later. She then married John McCauley and became a nurse and caregiver. She won several awards also. Im doing a report !!!!!!!!!!Another thing, after the war she was presented to George Washington and now has a monument in her home town of Carlsile, Penn.

Who did molly pitcher go into war with?

Her husband,John Hays