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'Popular Sovereignty' was a successful slogan for his plan to allow new states to decide whether to be slave or free, by a local vote.

He got the Kansas-Nebraska Act through Congress, but Popular Sovereignty turned out to be quite unworkable, because only one state could vote at a time, and every bully-boy in America would descend on that one state, to cause maximum mayhem.

The experiment would not be tried again.

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Q: Did Stephen Douglas enforce popular sovereignty?
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What sovereignty was Stephen Douglas?

Popular Sovereignty

Who was a advocate of popular sovereignty?

One Stephen Douglas was the original advocate of Popular Sovereignty. He was tasked with organizing the new territories in terms of their popularity.

Who was an advocate of popular sovereignty?

Stephen A. Douglas

What issue did Stephen a Douglas believe had a constitutional basis for its effort?

Stephen A. Douglas believed in popular sovereignty.

What democratic senator pushed the idea of popular sovereignty in kansas?

stephen Douglas 8=====>

Why did the northern Democrats support Stephen A. Douglas for president in the election of 1860?

Douglas supported the doctorine of popular sovereignty.

What did Stephen a Douglas endorse before the election of 1860?

Douglas endorsed popular sovereignty

In the presidential election of 1860 who supported popular sovereignty?

Stephen Douglas.

Who was the congress member that promoted the idea of popular sovereignty?

Stephen A Douglas

What has the author Stephen A Douglas written?

Stephen A. Douglas has written: 'Political socialization and student activism in Indonesia' 'Popular Sovereignty In The Territories'

What did Stephen a Douglas propose letting the people decide about slavery?

popular sovereignty

Who proposed bringing popular sovereignty to Kansas?

Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinois.